A Summer of Marketing at QuanticMind

When I first joined the Marketing team back in June, I was given a brief idea of what to expect for the summer – a metrics, customer journey mapping, and product documentation project. For the next 13 weeks, I envisioned myself coming in every day just doing work. To my delight, my time at QuanticMind became much more than that.


Everything I did was part of a huge learning curve. I wasn’t given just menial tasks, but rather work that carried substantial weight and would directly impact my team’s success. My assigned projects would not only hone my existing skills, but also help me develop new ones. I didn’t come into the office every day to work – I came in to learn.

A few of my projects and smaller assignments were classified as demand generation, a field previously unknown to me. I mapped out customer journeys and analyzed campaign metrics which helped us identify key areas that marketing could do to drive the revenue funnel. Through creating marketing emails and supporting our account-based marketing initiative, I was able to play a part in helping increase awareness for both the company and product.

Having previously worked in product management at my last internship, this time, around I got the opportunity to work in product marketing. I wrote documentation for one of our products and also assisted creating competitive intelligence. These projects helped me develop a clearer understanding of what it takes to actually launch a product.

In my final weeks here, I helped revamp the About Us page on our website. Putting one of my most cherished passions to use, I helped take new headshot photos for our executive leadership team. Following the success of that, it became a three-day event where I took headshot photos for the rest of the company.

Through the support and guidance of my team, I was able to thrive and succeed. Despite how busy everyone was, every question I asked always received a thoughtful and helpful response. My team cared about my professional development, and that made me feel valued.



I am thankful to have had the opportunity to work at a great company like QuanticMind. I leave feeling confident in my ability to thrive in the workforce upon graduation. I am confident that I added value to the company while picking up valuable skills and experience myself.

Thanks for the awesome summer, QuanticMind!



About the Author

Andrew Nguyen

Andrew B. Nguyen is a marketing intern for QuanticMind, who focuses on programs for demand generation, marketing intelligence and product marketing. A UC Davis student double-majoring in Economics and Design with a minor in Technology Management, Andrew also uses his keen eye for visual detail in his side gig as a professional photographer.

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