How to Break Through a Marketing Plateau with Machine Learning [Case Study]

How to Break Through a Marketing Plateau with Machine Learning

Peddle Grows PPC Revenue 200%

When your product or solution has proven itself viable – if not downright popular – it can feel confusing to see zero growth in sales. Actually, it can feel downright frustrating. Still, after Peddle’s Director of Marketing Rob Bari had tried multiple marketing solutions to little avail, he wasn’t sure where to turn … and it didn’t feel great.

As so many small, medium-sized and even large businesses today can attest, marketing often seems like an unsolvable puzzle. You try solution after solution, both home-grown and outsourced, yet nothing really changes. Growth is stagnant, you’re not reaching new markets and worst of all, competitors seem to be doing just fine.

If that sounds like a story you’ve heard, you’re in good company: Peddle has heard it too. Luckily, they’ve since heard an even better story: the one where the director of marketing totally turns things around, to awesome results.

All Out of Marketing Ideas and Nowhere to Turn

Like all stories, though, things didn’t start out so rosy.

Peddle is a car-buying company that bids on consumer’s cars, then comes to pick them up. The service has become popular, eliminating the need for consumers to haggle with private buyers or dealerships. With such an innovative business model, what was going wrong?

Rob wasn’t sure. He came to QuanticMind with a backlog of tried (and failed) solutions: using legacy bid management technology, hiring an outside digital marketing agency, and reconsidering, and ultimately rejecting other legacy bid management solutions. He even tried going at it alone.

Nothing worked, leaving Rob and Peddle without a lot of options. Like you’ve probably experienced yourself, he was confused. What he wanted was really pretty simple:

  1. To grow Peddle’s conversion volume, or the number of people who accepted Peddle’s bids and ultimately sold their cars to them

  2. To spend less time optimizing ads and marketing efforts, and less money as well

A Fresh Approach with Real Results

Finally, Rob came to QuanticMind. As he explains, “I knew QuanticMind was smaller than us, but I was excited about their ability to automate campaign management.”

Given his history of bust marketing attempts, even with well-established marketing companies, Rob couldn’t have been more surprised when QuanticMind’s solutions began to work immediately. Integration was a cinch, and his previously nebulous sales estimates immediately gave way to the hard data that QM’s machine learning approach could generate.

Via designing new metrics, optimizing ad campaigns to them and monitoring his ads 24/7, Rob soon had a wealth of information at his fingertips. Of course, undigested data is nothing but a new headache, which is why we also set up analytics and reports, so he could track progress day and night.

Today, Peddle has seen amazing results from using QuanticMind:

  • 185% Conversion Growth from PPC

  • 200% Revenue Growth from PPC

  • 150% Increase in Revenue Contribution from SEM

Wish You Could Emulate Peddle’s Success? You Can

If you wish you could emulate Peddle’s success, good news: With the right tools at your fingertips, you totally can. If you’d like to learn more about how Peddle achieved these astonishing results with QuanticMind, you can grab the case study here and start leveraging the power of machine learning for yourself.

On the other hand, if you’d prefer simply to get started, we can help. QuanticMind’s team is well-versed in coaching even the doldrum-iest marketing teams to incredible results. Not only do we understand machine learning and data science on a bone-deep level, we’re always up on the most cutting-edge new techniques.   

Ready to take your advertising game to the next level? So are we.

Download the Peddle Case Study and Increase Revenue from PPC 200%

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