Introducing Our New Blog: The Search Engine Marketing Blog for SEM Professionals

Over the last few weeks, we’ve been busy working on our secret new project, which we’re finally ready to share. Drum roll please . . . We’re super excited to announce the launch of QuanticMind’s new blog—Performance: The Search Engine Marketing Blog for SEM Processionals. Our goal with the newly revamped blog is to create a user-friendly browsing experience for our valued customers, partners and industry professionals.

We have so many exciting things planned, as well as new features and an improved user experience ready to roll out. New features and enhancements include:

        • A fresh new look
        • Improved navigation
        • Content optimized for search
        • Deeper tactical posts
        • More valuable long-form content
        • Richer visual content
        • New features and functionality

A Fresh New Look

It will now be much easier to find the content and articles that you need to produce results and improve your marketing efforts. Our new blog features a simple but elegant design with gorgeous white space and smart navigation. Gone is the old design, and in its place is a bright, cutting-edge layout — complete with stunning images, clear titles and subtitles, as well as visual landmarks to guide you in your experience. It used to be hard to find the old blog located on a subdomain of QuanticMind’s main website, which also made it difficult for readers to find the information they needed when they needed it. Now our blog can be found intuitively, just one click away from the home page in the global navigation under the “blog” menu. Moreover, the blog layout is now more user-friendly and mobile-friendly, presented chronologically — in a single column — with the most recent blog posts at the top. From now on, you’ll always be able to see what the latest post is and effortlessly find older content that you may want to review again or refer back to. This content layout change not only helps you find what is hot quickly, but also improves loading and reading our blog posts on mobile for you.

Search Engine-Optimized Content

Beyond design and layout, our new blog content is now optimized even further for search engines. ­­By committing to on-page SEO, our targeted content will now be easier to discover in search engines by search engine professionals, making it easier than ever before to find the content that matters to you most!

More Content from More Voices 

We’re also increasing the blog’s publishing cadence, and stepping-up our content game! We’ll not only be increasing the number of posts we publish every week, but we’ll also be featuring new in-depth content by SEM experts as well as more practical “how to” content by QuanticMind employees (such as our professional services team), and even interviews with key industry influencers. And if you are a graphics lover or learner, we will also soon be featuring new powerful visual media that industry professionals can really sink their teeth into such as video, webinars, lookbooks, and infographics.

New Search, Categories and Tags for Improved Navigation

And for you thorough types looking for those in-depth posts that drill down into great detail on important topics that affect your job daily, our new blog also has some great go-to sections focusing on key search engine marketing categories. Sections such as PPC, SEM, and Google Ads (formerly AdWords) to name a few, pull together many resources and information on one singular, industry-critical topic to help you analyze and develop working strategies for creating successful campaigns. If you want the latest and best practical advice about the ever-changing “rules” of SEO and how it’s impacting digital marketing, then our SEO section is the space for you. What about if you’re trying to wrap your brain around machine learning or AI and how it can help you predict buyer behavior to best reach your target audience? Well, we have carved out a whole niche just for this subject at our SEM section. It includes tips, strategies, best practices, and industry news dedicated solely to this topic. 

On our new right nav bar, you can always find the trending stories and most popular subjects effortlessly. What’s more, topics such as “Machine Learning” or “Bid Adjustments” will remain easily accessible in the categories and tagging menus as you navigate through the blog—always there when you need them. The new “Latest Blog Posts” widget now provides a list or snapshot of the most current or newsworthy posts so you never miss a thing. New posts about important industry topics such as “how to optimize PPC landing pages,” will update automatically and always be easily accessible.

Social Media Sharing and Commenting for Increased Engagement

Finally, we’ve now included improved and better-integrated social media sharing functionality as well as improved audience engagement. You will seamlessly be able to share timely relevant articles from QuanticMind’s blog to both your own blog and to Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, G+ and much more! And with our new “threaded comments” functionality and QM social streams, readers will be able to connect and have those valuable dialogues about important topics both with their marketing peers while also being able to connect directly with QuanticMind’s experts!

Even though a lot of positive change is happening on QuanticMind’s blog, don’t worry . . . much of what was already great about our blog will continue and remain. In other words, this blog will continue to be the home for high-quality, compelling content by industry experts such as our popular blog post, “What is Machine Learning.” Look for a lot more like this to come! As an industry leader, QuanticMind will always be the first to bring you cutting-edge content before you need to know it.

Coming soon (in the next quarter) . . . we’ll also be enabling subscriptions to our blog. If you like what you see, and want to get this valuable content in your inbox daily, you’ll soon be able to do just that.

The party’s just getting started at QuanticMind’s new and improved search engine marketing blog for SEM professionals. We welcome and appreciate any suggestions you have on our “new look” as well as the content and format. And we invite you to take our new threaded comments feature out for a spin and let us know what you think!

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Lynn Langmade

Lynn Langmade is currently Senior Director of Marketing Content and Communications at QuanticMind, where she develops content strategy, manages the editorial calendar, and oversees content production workflow. Lynn is also the managing editor of QuanticMind's corporate blog and social media channels. As an early adopter of social media, Lynn has over 45 thousand followers on social media. In 2014, Lynn was the recipient of the Marketo “Revvie” Award in the Socializer category. She has a PhD in English and over 15 years B2B high-tech marketing experience.

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Introducing Our New Blog: The Search Engine Marketing Blog for SEM Professionals
Introducing Our New Blog: The Search Engine Marketing Blog for SEM Professionals

Over the last few weeks, we’ve been busy working on our secret new project, which we’re finally ready to sh...


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