Digital Advertising Examples - Succeeding in Retail with Granular Data

September 21, 2016 Alex Ortiz

A look a digital advertising examples in the retail sector shows the power of multi-dimensional data to find more leads with Enhanced Campaign modifiers. See our case study on digital advertising examples in retail for more details.

To succeed in performance marketing, it can be helpful to review some digital advertising examples to see what went right, what went wrong and what we can learn. Consider the case of a highly established Fortune 500 retailer - a massive operation that includes nationwide storefronts as well as smaller, independent distributors. 

This is a company with an enterprise SEM team ready to take its marketing to the next level - and among its different types of digital advertising, it made the decision to focus on paid search. Rather than rely on intuition or guesswork, the company sought data-driven solutions to find more relevant leads for customers wherever they were, whenever they were browsing and on whichever device.

By harnessing the granularity that Enhanced Campaign modifiers for paid search engine marketing for device, time and geo targeting provide, the retailer was able to lift its revenue by 9% at equal spend in just five weeks. In order to manage the vast quantity of data involved, the company also made the intelligent decision to adopt a predictive advertising management platform

Then again, it may not surprise you to learn that this isn’t the only company on the planet looking to use more-granular data to optimize campaign performance and obtain real results. You can see what we mean in our case study on digital advertising examples in retail.

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