Data Science Marketing - Max Out Revenue, Conversions and More with Data Science

Data science-enabled marketing uses a data-driven approach to intelligently maximize conversions and profits against your marketing spend. Learn how data science boosts conversions and join the webinar for more details on how this powerful discipline will massively improve your campaigns.

How can the deep specificity and multifaceted analysis of data science turn your marketing into “data science marketing”? Data science-enabled marketing harmoniously combines this cutting-edge discipline with the revenue-based and conversion-based campaigns of digital marketing. It’s also a real phenomenon that data-driven marketers are using today.

In our previous blog on Data Science Meets Search Engine Marketing, we covered how data-driven marketers can use the power of data science - the discipline of processing huge amounts of information (such as click-level tracking of user device, geo targeting, time, cost-per-click rates and observed revenue-per-click) to drill down to highly granular insights. Specifically, we covered how this kind of market research and data science can model potential profits per keyword to maximize revenue in paid search engine marketing. This unlocks the true potential of performance marketing, ensuring that every single keyword is delivering its maximum revenue.

Using data science in marketing analytics to maximize keyword revenue is one use case. But what about businesses looking to maximize conversions against a set cost-per-action (CPA) budget? Is it also possible to maximize your conversions while offsetting your conversion costs to make sure your campaign nets out at breakeven or better? The answer is also yes. Find out more in our webinar: Maximize Keyword Profits and Conversions with Data Science.

About the Author

Justin Smith

Justin Smith is QuanticMind’s VP of Data Science. He has previously done tours of duty at (as VP of Analytics) and Wize Commerce (leading ad analytics). Justin earned double bachelor’s degrees in applied mathematics and statistics, as well as a master’s degree in statistics, from UC Davis.

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