[Flipbook] 10 Terrifying Ad Fraud Attacks That Will Kill Your Campaigns

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Once upon a time, ad fraud was frequently downplayed and overlooked as a business inconvenience. Now, ad fraud is rampant and at an all-time high. According to a Juniper Research Report sourced to SE Journal, the advertising industry is losing $51 million per day due to ad fraud, projected to total upwards of $19 billion in wasted ad spend by the end of this year. That is a lot. Although attackers are constantly sharpening their knives, evolving and refining their tactics in search of their next victim, there are ways you can reduce the chance that you'll fall prey to their malicious ad fraud schemes. In addition to providing superior bid-management, granular customer data insights and analysis, and customized campaign management, QuanticMind provides a platform well-equipped with anti-fraud and security technologies, offering an additional layer of security and protection so ROI remains intact and your campaigns remain as lucrative and profitable as possible. Because we don't want the bad guys to win either. So who yA GONNA call? © QuanticMind Inc., All rights reserved www.quanticmind.com (ADVERTISING) FRAUD-BUSTERS

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