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Having Trouble Optimizing Your Seasonal and Promotional SEM Performance? INTRODUCTION Search Engine Marketing is a complex ecosystem with many moving parts. This likely includes running promotional campaigns or catering to seasonal impact, which requires some heavy liing by the Paid Search team. These aren't just fun, one-time campaigns, but a significant part of an organization's conversions and revenue. E N T E R P R I S E PA I D S E A R C H PA I N S 1 ENTERPRISE PAID SEARCH PAINS: Having Trouble Optimizing Your Seasonal and Promotional SEM Performance? When starting to ramp up for a high season, you're forced to override your bidding automation tool entirely so you can control the bids from the Publisher side. Otherwise, you wouldn't be able to generate the results you expect with the tool's current data and bidding strategy. Toward the end of a promotion, you may want to automatically spend more because you know that the value of the dollar spent there is worth much more than it is at the beginning of the promotion. But to make those adjustments across objects and publishers, it takes hours of manual work. Your current bidding solution may only incorporate a week or two worth of data, or otherwise doesn't look back far enough (think years) to capture past seasonal data and make decisions on it. How will this help inform and optimize on upcoming seasonal trends? While your solution might ingest the requisite data, it can't show you the impact on revenue and goal metrics, making it slow and arduous to select and apply modifiers to all the publisher objects you want adjusted for a given promotion. CHALLENGES If you're like many advertisers, you spend a lot of time making changes manually – sometimes on a daily basis – when you run promotions. Perhaps you've taken a look at the last few promotions you ran, and then manually made adjustments to emulate previous numbers. You have data stored somewhere that you wish was centrally located for analysis, but you aren't meaningfully able to leverage it to make judgement calls on new campaigns. Here are a few possible pain points you may face: Here's a not-so-secret secret: Your data about past promotions and seasonality is the ultimate secret weapon to future campaign success. Shouldn't your bidding strategy be able to use data from past promotions to inform bid calculation and adjustments? Shouldn't your next promotion be based on lessons from past successes and failures?

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