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What Is Portfolio Bidding [Infographic]

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What is Portfolio Bidding? Optimizing SEM For Sophisticated Marketers Portfolio Bidding: This PPC methodology groups keywords, ad groups, and campaigns to programmatically bid based on shared data. It optimizes performance by focusing on the entire portfolio's goals instead of each unit within. This SEM optimization approach is designed to drive the best results for most PPC campaigns. You have a common goal for your keywords, ad groups, or campaigns. You don't have enough data to make perfect decisions in isolation for each keyword. It allows similar keywords to share goals and data, and be pointed in the same general direction. It executes in a way that optimizes toward (and hopefully achieves) your goal in aggregate across the group. You aren't focused on absolute maximum profit on every keyword. You want to intelligently allocate spend across your program, optimizing for performance. It works best when: Results are more controllable because decisions are made based on shared information within the portfolio. This methodology involves bidding on a group (or portfolio) of keywords towards a target goal (like maximum revenue, or target CPA), while also maintaining an efficiency metric. The relationship between spend and return is non-linear, and that is true across keywords. Portfolio methodology models this relationship granularly at the keyword level, but adjusts for the findings collectively–across the portfolio. With this methodology, the goals of the group outweigh any specific keyword-level goal. The Power of Portfolio Bidding is Two-Fold Why Use Portfolio Bidding as a Strategy How Can I Learn More? How It Works Some keywords will perform worse to maintain the efficiency metric of the group, while other keywords will be bid up to drive the target goal. As a whole, the group is optimized based on the context of the entire portfolio. Your business is complex; customer journeys are twisted and tangled; different audience segments perform differently from impression to click to conversion. Portfolio approaches ensure that the sophistication of PPC is matched with a sophisticated bidding approach. Portfolio bidding should be your default methodology unless specific alternative goals are required. Read the ebook that discusses Portfolio Bidding and other techniques. SEM Optimization Techniques: Are You Overpaying Google? Talk to the QuanticMind team about utilizing more of your data in a more sophisticated way to increase performance. TALK TO OUR TEAM » DOWNLOAD EBOOK » © QuanticMind, Inc. | AN INFOGRAPHIC 1. 2.

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