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Modern Era Reporting Speeds with Scalable Infrastructure

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Modern-Era Reporting Speeds Scalable Infrastructure Delivers PPC Insights Really Fast Does it take you 30 minutes to run a report? More? Not able to run reports with multiple granular variables to see shared impact on performance? Advertisers running paid search programs at scale are oen bogged down by slow reporting. Not only is it inefficient and frustrating, but it can lead to a delay in outcomes because it slows down decision making. QuanticMind is built on modern infrastructure; designed for programs at enormous scale. Seriously, if you have thousands or millions of keywords, you're going to be a happy camper. There's a better way? What a pain... Want to see QuanticMind in action? See how data unification and machine learning drive peak PPC performance. Request a Demo It's How Fast?! With QuanticMind, how much time does it take to generate a report that shows total revenue per keyword for at least 100K keywords broken out by each device, day of week, slot, and network, then sort by ROAS? A couple minutes. QuanticMind's methodology has benefits: Distributed Cloud Technology Easy scaling Processing power Agility Unlimited In-Memory Processing Speed

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