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Thriving travel service lifts revenue & ROAS with next-gen ad platform This rapidly growing travel service lets savvy vacation shoppers search for the absolute best deals on the best hotels in more than 100,000 destinations worldwide. Used by more than 100 million customers each year, the company offers its services in dozens of languages and supports payments in more than 100 currencies - serving a truly diverse community of travelers from all four corners of the Earth. The global hotel industry drives more than $400 billion in yearly revenue as customers increasingly take their travel searches online in search of the ideal pricing on hotel rooms that meet their specific needs. This strongly growing vertical is projected to expand to, if not exceed, $500 billion in yearly revenue in 2018, and shows no signs of slowing down. Could a predictive advertising management platform offer better performance? So it should come as no surprise that this ambitious travel leader would, as part of its neverending pursuit of growth, make the choice to seek a better solution for its digital advertising. The company's goal was to maintain efficiency while significantly increasing its volume and ultimately, its revenue. The company was already using a specific soware tool for paid search, but this incumbent solution simply didn't offer the benefits of more-granular bidding that goes deeper than traditional portfolio-based strategy, nor was it able to quickly generate the custom metrics and reporting that its international teams needed. In addition, to continue its strong growth in so many territories by exploring and testing new offers, the company needed individualized customer support from a responsive, on-call customer success team - another crucial piece of the puzzle missing from its incumbent solution. The company decided it could do better, and its quest for improved performance led it to QuanticMind, whose predictive advertising management platform offered potential gains from its powerful, next-generation soware. Unlike any other platform in the industry, QuanticMind's unlimited in-memory processing, unlimited distributed-cloud storage and completely unique combination of granular data science and machine learning have been proven to provide better efficiency and return on investment for a variety of businesses with different goals. The solution to the company's challenge seemed to be QuanticMind's flagship performance advertising product, QuanticMind Search. But would it provide the increased revenue that the company needed to continue to grow? Industry: Travel & Hotels Location: International operations in 20 countries worldwide Challenge: Grow revenue and volume while maintaining advertising efficiency Solution: QuanticMind Search Results: • 11% li in total revenue across 15+ countries in just eight weeks • 12% li in return on ad spend (ROAS) across 15+ countries in just eight weeks • Created much-needed, multi- language custom metrics using QuanticMind's powerful and responsive reporting dashboards Customer Success Story International Travel Leader Thriving travel service lifts revenue & ROAS with next-gen ad platform

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