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Analyst Report - Forrester Research - The Future of the Digital Store, 2017

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The Future Of The Digital Store Vision: The Digital Store Playbook by Fiona Swerdlow March 6, 2017 For EBuSinESS & ChannEl StratEgy ProFESSionalS FOrreSTer.cOm Key takeaways Digital Store Technology Will First enhance Store Operations Despite the hullabaloo around customer experience technologies, digital technologies will enhance operational efficiency and intelligence in areas such as staffing, task management, loss prevention, and inventory visibility. the store is becoming a fulfillment center, letting retailers tap inventory from across the enterprise to meet customer demand, better use inventory, and improve margins. Digital Store maturity Follows Four Stages retail organizations undergoing digital transformation must: 1) invest in technology to connect enterprise systems across all touchpoints; 2) add capabilities that create operational efficiencies; 3) turn in-store behavioral data into insights in real time; and 4) transform the store to provide contextual and relevant experiences. The Digital Store Platform connects Systems To Generate real-Time Insights And Action the digital store platform is the hub that stitches together digital store systems by strategically syndicating data and insights. no longer simply systems of record, today's digital store systems are becoming systems of engagement and consuming larger portions of data to generate new insights and actions. Why read this report today's empowered customers own multiple digital devices that they use to engage with brands and retailers — on their own terms — while shopping in-store. Simultaneously, new technologies are transforming retail store operations, allowing stores to operate more efficiently and with greater flexibility. to remain competitive, eBusiness leaders must take the internal lead to test, pilot, implement, and optimize digital store technologies that improve both the customer experience and store operations. this report outlines the future of the digital store for retail eBusiness professionals. this is an update of a previously published report; Forrester reviews and revises it periodically for continued relevance and accuracy.

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