[eBook] Maximizing Advertising Profit & Conversions with Data Science

November 7, 2016

How Granular Data Makes SEM Succeed Before Campaigns Even Start

Learn how a data science-based approach replaces traditional search engine marketing strategies such as portfolio-based bidding against set profit margins or at a set CPA level for conversions. Get acquainted with keyword profit max and keyword conversion max - new strategies that massively improve paid search campaigns by completely eliminating waste and wringing out the absolute maximum profits and conversions.

Read the eBook for insights on:

  • How portfolio-based bidding for profit margins and CPA conversions wastes SEM spend 
  • How keyword profit max wrings out the absolute maximum profit from campaigns by managing to individual keyword levels
  • How keyword conversion max wrings out the absolute maximum conversions from campaigns by also optimizing at the individual keyword level (without running over budget)
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