QuanticMind Blazes New Trail in Paid Search with Record Q2 Revenue

August 2, 2016 Andrew Park

QuanticMind Blazes New Trail in Paid Search with Record Q2 Revenue

Innovative predictive advertising management platform announces unprecedented quarterly revenue, expanded client list, new hires and new product initiatives

REDWOOD CITY, Calif., July 25, 2016 – QuanticMind, the platform for smarter advertising, has announced record-breaking revenue for Q2 2016. The company credits its massive growth, both in terms of its client list, which now includes HotelsCombined, Decathlon and Moz, and its staff, which has also grown 38% this quarter, with this success.

“Enterprise companies from around the globe are quickly coming to understand the power of predictive advertising management,” said Chaitanya Chandrasekar, CEO of QuanticMind. “Paid search and social are changing, with the continued growth of multi-device mobile and the rise of new user experiences such as Amazon Echo and the upcoming Google Home. Savvy CMOs and marketing directors seek solutions to exploit this varied landscape - and our platform’s exclusive combination of data science and machine learning lets them do just that.”

QuanticMind continues to grow its product offering with its latest initiative – the Marin Software migration program. Previously, QuanticMind had been offering – and continues to offer – free assessments for enterprise companies using Marin Software to identify wasted budget. QuanticMind has found that Marin Software clients waste an average of 18% of their budget on inefficient spend, and this quarter, has begun offering free migration and integration services for Marin Software clients – this recent report on search engine marketing explains the gaps in legacy software that lead to such inefficiencies.

In addition, QuanticMind has continued to grow its influence in the search engine marketing space by growing its world-class staff with new hires such as VP of Sales, Karin Becker and VP of Product and Engineering, Ryan Ausanka-Crues. Prior to joining QuanticMind, Karin Becker led digital marketing platform sales for BlueKai (acquired by Oracle) and led a top 25 sales team at Google. Prior to joining QuanticMind, Ryan Ausanka-Crues was CEO of Palomino Labs (acquired by American Express) and CTO of Tello Inc. (acquired by Urban Airship). In addition to expanding its staff, QuanticMind has expanded its presence in the digital marketing world with sponsorship and on-the-ground exhibitor presence at leading industry trade shows such as Argyle CMO Forum and SMX Advanced.

QuanticMind continues to grow its business with QuanticMind Search, which lets clients manage and optimize search and shopping campaigns on Google Adwords, Bing Ads and Yahoo! Gemini across multiple devices. The platform sets itself apart with a unique pairing of data science and machine learning, which grants clients the ability to nimbly manage massive search campaigns to scale using intelligent automation that instantly adjusts bids to maximize profits and return on investment.

About QuanticMind

QuanticMind, the Platform for Smarter Advertising, is the pioneer of predictive advertising management software for paid search and social channels. By reinventing ad management point solutions through machine learning, distributed cloud computing, and in-memory processing, QuanticMind delivers the most intelligent, scalable, and fastest platform for maximizing advertising performance for enterprises. A global community of data-driven marketers relies on QuanticMind’s data science-powered platform to anticipate and execute the best and most granular advertising investments. QuanticMind is backed by Safeguard Scientifics, Inc. (SFE) and influential Silicon Valley investors. For more information, please visit QuanticMind.com.

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(This press release previously appeared on PR Newswire.)


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