QuanticMind Takes Advantage of Marin Software’s Re-Platforming of its Core Infrastructure

May 18, 2016 Maile Johnson

QuanticMind Takes Advantage of Marin Software’s Re-Platforming of its Core Infrastructure

Announces program offering existing Marin Software customers complimentary
integration to speed the transition to QuanticMind

Redwood City, CA: QuanticMind, the performance leader in predictive advertising management software, today announced a new migration program for customers transitioning from legacy Marin Software applications. 

Companies seem to be churning because of delays in migrations resulting from Marin Software’s repeated changes to each of its products—Search, Social, and Display. Marin Software migrated traffic for its Display product to a new platform in Q4 2015, migrated customers to the SocialMoov application in Q3 2015, then moved SocialMoov customers to a new platform in or around Q1 2016.  Marin Software recently advised shareholders of a delay completing the re-platforming of its search product, from the first half of 2016 to Q4 2016, with the majority of customers expected to migrate in 2017.

These transitions have likely caused legitimate business interruption risk for Marin Software’s customers—especially after a reported weeklong downtime in January 2016 due to unexpected upgrade issues when migrating customers to the new social platform, after what was reportedly supposed to be only a weekend interruption. 

“Technology is not like fine wine. It doesn’t get better with age,” said Nader Ghaffari, CEO of Venture Scanner. “There are powerful new technologies coming to market in all categories disrupting incumbents. In SEM, companies like QuanticMind are ushering in a new breed of technology for the category.”

“Businesses want to take advantage of predictive advertising management to boost advertising performance but may have concerns about making a smooth transition. The tools, methodology and training we’ve put in place will accelerate a successful switch,” said Chaitanya Chandrasekar, CEO of QuanticMind.

QuanticMind’s migration package includes:
•    Complimentary SEM performance assessment to uncover hidden opportunities for improvement.
•    Marin Software-specific data import tools which enable existing data files that have been configured for Marin Software to be transferred directly into QuanticMind with no additional formatting work required.
•    Complimentary integration to multiple data sources including analytics, advertising, A/B Testing, attribution, CRM, tag management, and other tools.
•    A standardized methodology reflecting best practices identified during previous migrations. QuanticMind offers an in-house integration team experienced in replacing Marin Software.
•    A training program designed by QuanticMind consultants with years of Marin Software experience to assist end-users transitioning from legacy Marin Software applications to QuanticMind. 

To learn more about QuanticMind’s Marin Software Migration Program, go to quanticmind.com/solutions/marin-software-alternative.

QuanticMind has been on a tear recently, announcing new large-scale advertisers, expansion to global enterprises, partnerships with top-tier ad agencies and the addition of seasoned executives to the roster.

About QuanticMind
QuanticMind, the Platform for Smarter Advertising, is the pioneer of predictive advertising management software for paid search and social channels. By reinventing ad management point solutions through machine learning, distributed cloud computing, and in-memory processing, QuanticMind delivers the most intelligent, scalable, and fastest platform for maximizing advertising performance for enterprises. A global community of data-driven marketers relies on QuanticMind’s data science-powered platform to anticipate and execute the best and most granular advertising investments. For more information, please visit QuanticMind.com.


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(This press release previously appeared on PR Newswire.)

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