[eBook] Become an Expert on Google Shopping

Google Shopping is a huge business - the majority of retailers now spend more on Product Listing Ads (PLAs) for Google Shopping than they do on text ads.

Learn to master this complex and competitive space with our comprehensive Google Shopping reference eBook, which includes a full overview of Google Shopping to date, along with specific, proven strategies for every important aspect of Shopping. This includes:

  • Feed optimization
  • Account structure
  • Bid management
  • Custom Labels

The eBook also includes a full guide to diagnosing your campaigns day-to-day and a browsable strategy and tactics archive.

Read the eBook today and become an expert on Google Shopping!

About the Author

Andrew Park

Andrew Park is a content marketing manager at QuanticMind. A UC Berkeley graduate and lifelong Bay Area resident, Andrew has done tours of duty in editorial, PR and marketing, and now works with the QuanticMind team to communicate the importance of data science and machine learning in digital advertising.

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